VIDEO: Iceage - “Forever”

Plowing Into The Field Of Love, the new album from Iceage, is slated for a 10/17 release via Matador.

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VIDEO: My Brightest Diamond - “Pressure”

Killer video.

This Is My Hand is slated for a 9/16 release via Asthmatic Kitty.

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STREAM: Purling Hiss - “Forcefield of Solitude”

Weirdon, the forthcoming album from Purling Hiss, is out 9/23 via Drag City.

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INTERVIEW: How To Dress Well, At The Triple Rock Tomorrow 9/3

Photo Credit: Zackery Michael

Tom Krell, otherwise known as How To Dress Well, has been on the road as of late touring behind his June 2014 release, "What Is This Heart?". Emerging again after his Neo-Soul/Pop takeover in 2012 with Total Loss, he’s back with a third album that takes the time to delve into deeper questions about loss, love, and life.

MFR had a chance to catch of up with the experimental-R&B songwriter a few weeks ago. Check out what he had to say about writing, touring and releasing his new album, “What Is This Heart?”, below. See him at the Triple Rock tomorrow night, with local openers Tiny Deaths.

Congrats on the new album, “What Is This Heart?”. How has touring behind the new album been so far. What’s the reception been like?
The response has been amazing—the album has a much bigger sound, so it’s been fun to surprise people with a new, big sounding show!

This is the third full length album you’ve put out in 5 years. What’s it like to put out a project and tour behind it now, as opposed to when you released something like Love Remains?
Worlds apart. I didn’t really tour LR—for Total Loss I did a whole world tour, but in smaller clubs and major markets—now we’re doing bigger rooms and small cities all over the world as well as the major spots—get to meet a lot of sweet new people!

Do you have a certain approach you take when starting a new record? Do you have a certain work-flow or methodology you use when starting to write for a new project?
Not really—— I just let it flow. I suppose right now, as I think about the next record, I entertain certain ideas, like I’ll think to myself: maybe all a capella, maybe all orchestral? But then the writing will just come naturally, without any real pretense.

Shortly after the album dropped you posted to your Facebook about being on tour forever this fall/winter. What do you do to keep yourself grounded when you can’t get home for a while?
Read, eat well, call my friends :)

Do you find yourself writing on the road a lot? Is there a certain kind of writing environment you prefer?
I’ll write wherever—like, I’m not picky. Whenever it hits me, I work.

The new album has been described as being sonically more paired-down and clear cut compared to your older releases. Was that something you were looking to do on purpose? Was it more of a natural progression for you?
Definitely not more paired down—it’s way more maximal than anything I’ve ever done. It wasn’t intentional really, just something my soul wanted. Who knows what the next joint will be like?

You’ve talked in other places about being lumped into specific genres/groups of artists you don’t necessarily identify with when people are trying to explain what your sound is like to someone who may not have heard you before. What are your thoughts on trying to find a space in today’s music environment? Do you think genre classification has a major impact on you as an artist / how your fans find your music?
I don’t think about that stuff at all, frankly. I think about the music I love, why I love it. I think about life and love, and why I love it. I think about beauty and truth and just go from there.

You released a music-video trilogy(See Below) ahead of the album. What was your concept behind the story line for these. How did you want them to tie into the album?
These were about how to live and die right. I just hate how so many music videos are like content-less—just ad space basically. I don’t think a few outfit changes and a cute location are enough—I need more to be satisfied.

What do you hope your fans will take away from this record?
Love, heartfelt, grounded love and a sense of being sojourners on this earth. A desire to live better, be better to oneself and those around you, or whatever.

Interview by Brittany Wallman
How To Dress Well
Wednesday, September 3 2014
8p // 18+ // $15
Triple Rock Social Club

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