INTERVIEW: Christina Schroeter of Family Of The Year

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Greetings from below zero weather!

MFR had a chat with Family Of The Year’s keyboardist, Christina Schroeter, a few days ago as the band prepared to make their way across the Midwest (including a sold out Minneapolis stop tonight at the 7th Street Entry!). The tour comes in wake of the release of their second full-length album, Loma Vista.

The Los Angeles band has enjoyed a few busy years after its creation in 2009. That year, FOTY released their debut album, Songbook, and haven’t looked back since. Along with two full-length albums, FOTY is credited with two EPs released on the band’s own Washashore Records – Where’s The Sun (2009) and Through The Trees (2010). FOTY followed up with an EP in 2011 entitled St. Croix and chased that in 2012 by EP number four, Diversity. The newest album, Loma Vista is the first project in which the band worked with the help of friend and producer, Wally Gagel.

“Working with someone who wasn’t in the band meant we took it a little more seriously,” said Schroeter. “Sonically the record sounds so big and beautiful. I think it has affected our songwriting in that we take more risks now, trusting that the final product will give off the right vibe.”

Positive vibes are what the band is all about. Members, Joe Keefe (guitar, vocals), Sebastian Keefe (drums, vocals), Jamesy Buckey (guitar, vocals) and Schroeter have formed extremely tight bonds throughout the years, having all shared a home at one point while touring both nationally and internationally.

“We’ve gone through a lot of stressful situations together and somehow manage to still enjoy each other’s company. That’s so crucial when you work and live and hang out with each other 24 hours a day,” said Schroeter.

Even though Joe and Sebastian are real-life siblings, Schroeter says given the significant amount of time they all spend together, they’re all like siblings.

“At this point we’ve all spent so much time together that we’re all kind of like siblings. Well, that’s how we treat each other. We generally all get along, but when we fight it can be just as bad as any real brothers fight. At the end of the day, we know that we’re still going to be there so it’s all good.”

As touring veterans, this isn’t the first time these rockers have graced the city of Minneapolis. Schroeter recalled several fond memories including unusually petite baked goods and romping around in someone’s basement.

“We love Minneapolis!” Schroeter said. “We did have really small bagels there once, and we did find a dead pigeon in the snow, but we also played the basement of some kids house party after a show and that was amazing. Felt like high school all over again. We’ve had some fun times in Dinkytown, but most of all the people in Minneapolis are awesome. Everyone wants to have a good time and wants everyone else to have a good time.”

Although the band is looking forward to another splendid endeavor in Minneapolis tonight, Christina expressed concern over the day’s frigid forecast.

“To be honest, we’re kind of terrified of Minneapolis this time around since the weather forecast says it’s going to be -8 degrees Fahrenheit!” said Schreoter. “I definitely don’t have warm enough clothes so if someone has a bunch of those hand warmer things you stick in your pockets, please bring me 50 of them to stuff down my leggings.”

As for what we can expect from Family of the Year in 2013? What else but, “posi vibes.”

Interview by Samantha Fischer
Family of The Year
w/Cjell Cruze
730p // 18+ // $10 (SOLD OUT)
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