REVIEW: Family Of The Year At 7th Street Entry 1/21/12

Photo: Laura Yurich

On tour to promote their newest album Loma Vista, Family of the Year stopped in Minneapolis yesterday for a Cities 97 Studio C session followed by a sold out show at the 7th Street Entry.

The night marked the sun-kissed Los Angeles band’s first sold out show in the United States (awesome!). Keyboardist Christina Schreoter told the audience it was only their second sold out show ever— next to a venue they sold out in Paris. The band collectively put Minneapolis and Paris on the map together as “the two most romantic cities in the world.”

Pulling songs mainly from Loma Vista, these folk-rockers seriously performed feel-good danceable tunes that could potentially make you feel like you’re sitting around a campfire or hanging out on the beach-– even in below zero weather. The band opened with a rowdy rendition of “Buried,” which initially got the audience moving and continued until the very end of the set.

Even though the crowd was moving, they weren’t the only ones gettin’ down. The band had incredible chemistry onstage while both playing, and in between songs. Every member brought a bit of his or her own charm leaving FOTY fans incredibly engaged. But to get the indie-rock army going even harder, drummer Sebastian Keefe left his drum set during “Stupidland” to sing alongside guitarist and brother Joe Keefe with a tambourine in hand. Halfway through, Sebastian passed the tambourine over to a girl in the audience and assumed his post at drums continuing to build the groove.

After about an hour long set, FOTY left the stage calling Minneapolis “the Paris of the Midwest” and thanking everyone for coming out for “one of the best days of their lives.” After a show like that, the crowd knew there was no way the band was gone for good. They came out for a two-song encore – both hailing from Loma Vista. The heavier, “Find It,” came first, followed by the easy-going Caribbean-style track “St. Croix,” which undeniably brought some warmth back to this frosty city…if only for a few minutes.

Photo: Laura Yurich

By Samantha Fischer
Family Of The Year
w/Cjell Cruze
Monday, January 21 2012
7th Street Entry

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